Cemfloor Liquid Screed

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Cemfloor is a high-performance cement based, free flowing, self-compacting liquid screed developed. It can be installed quickly up to 2000m2 per day saving time, foot trafficked in 24-48 hours and dries within 10-28 days with minimal shrinkage (<0.05%). It is suitable for a variety of applications; commercial and domestic floors, underfloor heating, wet rooms, unbonded or floating floors, new builds or renovations and single or multi story projects. Cemfloor is installed by your local fully approved and trained technician from Connaught Screeding Ltd, ensuring quality is never compromised.

Its fast-drying properties ensure floor coverings such as tiles can be applied at a final moisture content of 5% and hard wood/timber floors can be installed at a final moisture content of 2.8%. This significantly speeds up the entire build process compared with calcium sulphate screed which require a final moisture content of 0.5%.

Cemfloor boasts exceptional thermal conductivity of up to 2.9W/mk and is very suitable and responsive to underfloor heating due to the fact it can be laid in very thin sections. This ensures lower energy bills and running costs.